Your Fairy-Tale is over.

Your children don’t understand.

Now what?

Pre-marital Agreement

Marriage should be about love and affection and not about fighting over property.  You want to protect what you have earned and keep your marriage focused on love.  We can help you focus on love.


Adoption & Termination of Rights

If you are looking to expand your family, then you will need help with the paperwork that is required by the state.  You may be adopting a newborn or an adult step-child.  We can help your family grow.


Contested / Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes the fairy-tale doesn’t end with a happily ever after.  You want to keep all the property that is rightfully yours and are not sure if you will pay/receive alimony.  We can help you keep your property.


Child Support/Child Custody

Support and custody determinations are based on the time of the hearing.  After a divorce, your circumstances may change and you may need your agreement changed.  We can help you update your agreement.

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Family Law

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